A short, 3-day trip to the coastal island of Grand Isle provided me with the time to get out and make some photographs.  I was looking for anything that caught my eye and shows the typical landscape scenery along Highway 1 and the coastal road.  One morning I spent several hours driving up and down the highway stopping numerous times to capture different subjects and scenes.  I took the afternoon to relax and eat dinner before heading "up the bayou" to a perfect spot to make photographs of the spectacular sunset that usually is on display.  But, this afternoon would not give me that spectacular sunset as the clouds moved in and overshadowed the setting sun.  Rather than packing up my cameras and heading back to the camp, I stayed and made some photographs of the sunset anyway....practice!!!!!
I hope you enjoy my photographs......

A lone Osprey watches over the marsh waiting for a fish to catch his eye.  Highway 1 toll road is in the background.

Egrets fishing in the marsh.

I found this Osprey perched on the pole along old Highway 1.

I parked far enough away from him and slowly walked up the highway to get a closer shot.  He decided to take his catch and fly away as I approached - too close for his comfort.

A brown pelican circles above the marsh looking for a meal.

After I left old highway 1, I headed back towards Grand Isle and  found this Osprey eating his catch.

I watched him for several minutes and he finally decided to fly away with his catch firmly in his grip.

I'll just call them "Boudreaux and Thibodeaux"!!!  :)

Black Necked Stilts working the marsh grass along the gravel road to Elmer's Island.

Another Stilt focused on the water as he looks for food.

Reddish Egret in a pool just behind Elmer's Island.

A lone Brown Pelican in a "creche" of Royal Terns.  The Pelican looks like it is glaring at the tern taking a bath.

A common sight along the beach.....a shrimper and birds catching brown shrimp.

Late that afternoon I drove up the bayou on Highway 1 to a great spot, hoping for a spectacular sunset.  Too many clouds overshadowed the sunset I was hoping for.  But, I made some photographs anyway.  There are very few trees in the marsh....dead from salt water intrusion and damage from hurricanes.

Same spot....different view....and about 5 minutes later.

Later that night after moonrise I made this handheld shot of the moon....full moon was two nights before I made this photograph.

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